Photos shown for: Nautique Centurion


The new XS7 Supercharged at 550 horsepower, with its performance tuned exhaust, is the highest performance engine in the PCM line.  The XS7 Supercharged combines extreme performance with features and benefits that ensure reliability and durability. 


  • PCM Model: XS7
  • Displacement: 376 c.i.d
  • Horse Power: 550 HP
  • Fuel System: Multi-Port Fuel Injection
  • Exhaust System: Performance
  • Tuned Length: 41.7"
  • Width: 27.8"
  • Height: 22.6"

Buyer Protection

  • Unsurpassed five-year factory warranty
  • Warranty support is provided by PCM Premier Dealers, the strongest inboard engine dealer network in the world
  • Premier Dealers are factory-trained and equipped with the proper diagnostic tools and parts
  • Premier Dealers are backed by a dedicated factory support staff and efficient parts distribution system
  • Registered PCM owners get the ultimate in personalized customer service
  • Club members have toll-free access to the Club Concierge, a factory representative who assists members for finding parts and services wherever they are in the world